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It’s great at capturing the user’s attention through dynamic visuals and storytelling. Because if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Before we want to commit or buy something from a brand—or even spend any of our time with it—we usually want to feel like we know them, trust them, and see them as a match for our individual needs and values. Here are some examples and recommendations for each funnel step’s goals, audience definitions, and metrics.
A powerful social post composer to plan, collaborate, and publish the best content for your brand’s growth. You run the risk of going down an endless rabbit hole when you’re in the process of optimizing the ad creative. Tweaking your image, ad copy, and messaging can be an endless cycle—but one that needs testing so you can scale the Facebook campaigns that your audience interacts with.
If you take any clues from these creators, skip hard promotion and go for 40% inspirational content, 20% educational content, and 40% entertainment content. If you see a certain type of content is performing exceptionally well, that’s when it’s time to double-down on what’s already working. To add, if you’re going the advertising route on Instagram, don’t forget to include a call-to-action on your Instagram Stories. This type of ad—one with a CTA—tends to perform better 89% of the time. Since Facebook (now Meta) owns Instagram, it doesn’t take much extra work to execute an effective ad campaign for both platforms from the Facebook Ads Manager. For instance, if you choose to go the SEO route with content marketing, it can take anywhere from six months to a year to see any real results.
Use Hootsuite Streams to like, comment, reply, and engage with your target audience. You can also use Hootsuite Inbox to keep track of all the conversations you need to be a part of, without missing anything important. In recent years, Pinterest has grown from a creative catalogue platform to one of the most powerful visual search engines on the internet today. Not only do Pinterest users love to find and save new ideas, but they’re also increasingly using the platform to make purchasing decisions. Your instinct might tell you that if you’re targeting Gen Z, you should skip Facebook and focus on Instagram and TikTok.
About 99% of social media users will use a mobile connection to view these sites at some point. Social media users spend almost 80% of their social media time using the platform’s mobile versions. Even when the entire adult US population is considered, social media is widely used. Most American adults don’t limit themselves to just one social network.
Social media is considered one of the major drivers of the 2010 wave of revolutions in Arab countries, also known as the Arab Spring (Brown et al. 2012). The near future of customer care on social media appears to be more efficient and far-reaching. In a recent review on the future of customer relationship management, Haenlein (2017) describes “invisible CRM” as future systems that will make customer engagement simple and accessible for customers. New platforms have emerged to make the connection between customer and firm effortless. Future research can address whether or not consumers will use available “timing” tools on one of many devices in which their social media exists (i.e., fake self-policing) or on all of their devices to actually curb behavior.
These will all ultimately help to build a sustainable competitive advantage and enhance business performance. We are also furthering the customer engagement literature by proposing an SMMS developmental process. As firm–customer relationships evolve in a social media era, it is critical to identify those factors that have an impact on customer engagement.
For example, B2Bs will likely find LinkedIn to be the most pertinent network since they’re marketing to other business professionals. At the same time, home builders and developers might make use of platforms like Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram to show off images of their homes and properties. Brands that know the importance of online communities and the people within them, strive to tell authentic stories by highlighting the core issues and values that are important to the brand and their consumers. Speak to the heart of your target audience on social media and you will be rewarded with higher engagement and loyalty. At Thrive, we assign specific strategists depending on your industry demands, social media marketing needs and goals. This means you could get multiple social media digital marketing experts working on your brand.
If Discover Koster Communications: Your Trusted Social Media Marketing Agency on your social profiles and finds that they are outdated or unengaging, they may decide to take their business elsewhere. That’s why it’s important to not only consistently publish compelling content on your social media channels, but also check your profile information periodically and make changes and updates as needed. With Facebook advertising, you can identify new potential leads by defining your ideal customer through the ads platform. Then, Facebook allows you to serve your ad content to those who exhibit the same types of behaviors that your target audience does.